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Residential Landlords Beware


Under recent changes residential landlords must protect tenants' deposits by holding them in an approved, registered tenancy deposit scheme. A number of specialist organisations provide this service, holding deposits during the term of the tenancy, a...

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Tenants Improvements


January saw the long-awaited publication of the final report by the Agricultural Holdings Legislation Review Group. In total, 49 recommendations were made to reform the agricultural tenancy sector in Scotland. One of the 49 recommendations propose...

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It's Good to Talk


Anyone running a business will tell you, it needs cash as a human body needs blood. This may seem obvious, but at a time when all farming businesses face falling commodity prices, the need to understand the cash requirements of a business is more important than ever.

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Soil Management Still Counts


A reminder that although Soil Protection Reviews are no longer required, strict soil management criteria still exist. Based on inspections rather than paperwork, failure to comply can result in reductions in Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) claims. The ...

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BPS - What Next?


Following the abandonment of the online system for applications, Defra is to extend the deadline for Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) claims until June 15, 2015. Despite shelving online claims, farmers still need to go online to register and to authoris...

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