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Rural Business

Farm and Estate Sales

Achieving optimum results on the sale or purchase of a farm, estate or bare land requires the skills of a qualified professional with a good knowledge of the area, of local land values, and of potential buyers. Our team of 12 fully qualified rural chartered surveyors have this knowledge and understand the workings of a farming business too.

We know where the local interest is likely to be, but also realise the part a national marketing campaign can play and will devise a marketing strategy to suit your individual requirements. The full works with glossy brochure, print and web marketing, and social media - capable of attracting the interest of farmers, investors and developers from around the country and from abroad. Alternatively a private sale, away from the glare of publicity using our local knowledge and contacts. We also have a fully qualified auctioneer should you wish to go this route - the choice is yours.


Finding the prime rural property of your desire can be a long and tricky path.

Our extensive professional team, who have an ear to the ground, are able to provide in-depth knowledge of both properties available on the Market and the potential scope for properties off the Market or for sale privately. Our bespoke package, including in-depth knowledge of the area, will guide you through from potential properties to completion of purchase. It is always our aim to provide honest truth and advice for properties that will suit your needs and desires rather than reacting simply to what is available.

Specialist valuation knowledge and approachability allows us to work closely with purchasing clients to close the deal at the right value.


Farm and Estate Management

Our team of 12 professional chartered surveyors have many years of experience and a wealth of knowledge at their finger tips. Between them they look after farms and estates of all types located across the North of England and into Scotland. We have acted for many of these clients for decades because we consistently deliver added value. The extensive list of services we provide ably demonstrates our ability in this field, so no matter what your requirements, give us a call.

Planning and Development

Adding value to our clients' business and land interests is of paramount importance to us.We believe we are falling short if our clients don't prosper. Thus we are very active in identifying potential development land and, with our extensive contacts in the development world, we have had great success in securing planning consents both through options and promotion agreements. We believe that the best results for our clients are achieved by outsourcing the skills and expertise necessary rather than try to be all things by having them in-house and so we advise clients based on the old adage horses for courses i.e. we ensure the optimum approach and package for each individual site and client.



The art of managing any successful relationship is knowing when to compromise and when to stick to your guns. Tenancies are detailed and complicated agreements and an expert opinion can be essential in determining when to stand your ground. No matter what the situation or on which side of the fence you stand, we bring a professional eye and sound advice to even the most complex of situations and disputes.

Strategic Business Planning

Sometimes it takes someone on the outside to see the best way forward. Because we regularly deal with all types of rural businesses, we excel at strategic planning and recognising rural business development opportunities. Planning for the future and for the unexpected are skills honed by us over generations, so get in touch.



There are fewer and fewer farming businesses which can survive without some form of diversification. Regrettably not all can take advantage. It takes a number of skills to identify a diversification opportunity, assess the risk and see a project through from start to finish. Over the years our surveyors have managed a diverse range of projects on behalf of many clients. Whatever it is you have in mind, we can provide a realistic assessment based on sound knowledge and experience and we can pull together the advisory team that you need. If you would like a site visit - give us a call.

Farm Finance

The Agricultural Mortgage Corporation (AMC) provides specialist funding for agricultural and rural businesses of all types.It is one of the most flexible and competitive sources of finance for many forms of rural enterprise

AMC loans are un-callable providing loan payments are made in accordance with the terms of the loan and can be for terms between 5 and 40 years.

As AMC Agents and Valuers we are pleased to help farmers and rural businesses with land to obtain funding.

Contact the following for a confidential, no obligation discussion regarding your funding requirements:

Tom Oates - Scottish Borders and North Northumberland

Robbie Hutchinson - Northumberland and North Durham

Ed Boon - Durham


Renewable Energy

Love it or hate it renewable energy is here to stay. Choosing the right project and balancing investment with returns in this fast changing industry is a challenge, but one we relish. If you are exploring the opportunities for renewables within your business, no matter what the scale of the project or type of technology, we can advise.


We have been acting for landowners with masts sites on their land since the mobile telecoms revolution began. The law relating to masts sites is complex and it is easy to be overwhelmed by the demands of the telecom companies. We understand this industry and so seeking independent advice is important and one of our areas of specialism.



Our team includes a fully qualified auctioneer with a great deal of selling experience. Tom has brought down the hammer on a wide range of items from livestock and farm machinery to land and property. To further discuss the many merits of this form of sale please get in touch with a member of our team who will be more than happy to help.

Utilities, Wayleaves and Roads Schemes

Utility companies are invariably under pressure when implementing new infrastructure projects and repairs. Specialist input plays a vital role in protecting the interests of both landowner and occupier and achieving a good result. Having worked with a wide variety of utility companies and dealt with many road widening schemes over many years, we know n our way around the legislation, how these organisations operate and how to achieve the best results for our landowning clients and for tenants.


Minerals and Waste

As a company with its roots in a region famous for its mining heritage and mineral assets, it should be no surprise to find we have surveyors with specialist knowledge of the industry and how it affects surface owners. We are in a prime position to negotiate the best possible terms whatever the mineral or land interest consists of.

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