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Grants and Subsidies

Like it or not grants and subsidies are vital to the finances of any farming business. Getting the right mix of options for your farm is a time consuming and complex operation. New grants are constantly appearing and the legislation changing. We appreciate that as farmers you want to get on and farm. Our team make it their job to keep up to date, and can help with the time consuming processing of this paperwork as well as making sure you receive the maximum payments to which you are entitled. We are also leading specialists in the appeals procedure for farmers involved in disputes for all types of rural grant schemes and compliance legislation.

CAP Reform


It took the EU two years to agree a strategy for reform of the Common Agricultural policy (CAP) yet farmers have far less time to get to grips with new rules and regulations. Some come into force from 2015 with more to follow. Many of these changes will have a fundamental impact on any farming businesses and there are a lot of decisions to be made. Come and talk to us and we can fill you in.

Basic Payment Scheme

The Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) replaces the Single Payment Scheme (SPS) as of 2015. A significant percentage of this payment is to be linked to greening requirements. There are many ways for a farming business to comply with this environmental directive but each must find the best options to suit their own individual circumstances. We are well versed in the intricacies of the new system and ready to assist.

Environmental Schemes

CAP Reform brings with it the introduction of a new Environmental Stewardship Scheme as of 2016. The new Countryside Stewardship Scheme is designed to replace Entry Level Stewardship (ELS) and Higher Level Stewardship (HLS). Little is yet known about the exact workings of this new scheme, but you can rest assured that the professionals at YoungsRPS will be among the first to get to grips with the fine detail and assist clients in getting the most from this new initiative. To be kept in the loop as details unfold, give us a ring and register your interest now.


Digital mapping is fundamental to many land management services. We have user experience in a number of different systems and many applications. Integral to record keeping, crop planning and grant applications, for expert knowledge and assistance look no further.

Defra Appeals

In 2014 YoungsRPS formally joined forces with Lines Mitchell. Headed by Gill Mitchell, her business is widely recognised as one of the

leading specialists in the appeals procedure for farmers involved in disputes for all types of rural grant schemes and compliance legislation. When it comes to this type of appeal, we are ahead of the game.

Managing Common Land

YoungsRPS advise a number of Common Associations and are recognised as commons specialists.

We also advise on:

  • Setting up and managing complicated environmental stewardship agreements, internal side agreements and access agreements.
  • Liaising with various interested parties including Farmers and Landowners, Natural England, RSPB, National Park Authority and AONB.
  • Ownership and tenure of common grazing rights and their inter-relationship with the Basic Payment Scheme and Appeals.
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