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Residential Sales

"From the initial valuation of our property through to completion a few months later we received professional and knowledgeable service and support from the team at YoungsRPS. It is clear that the staff know the local market very well and this enables them to provide accurate valuations and appropriate advice. We would have no hesitation in using YoungsRPS again in the future....not that we will ever, ever be moving house again..."


"Would like to express my thorough satisfaction with YoungsRPS who acted in the sale of my residential property in a very challenging and competitive market.Having previously withdrawn the property from another local agent who provided a valuation which proved unachievable, the contrast in service and professionalism was marked.The sales fee was competitive and realistic, deadlines were met, leads were chased consistently and most importantly communication/feedback with myself, the purchaser and solicitors acting was exemplary.I would thoroughly recommend the services of YoungsRPS."


"Found all members of staff at YoungsRPS to be friendly and knowledgeable .They rang on an almost weekly basis to tell me how my sale was progressing, which was important as we all have busy lives. It was a pleasure working with such a professional organisation."


"All the staff at YoungsRPS adopt an extremely professional approach.We have received excellent guidance and support throughout the sale of our property. We warmly recommend them to all prospective clients."


"Both Mark and myself were blown away by the professionalism and communication with all of your members of staff that were involved with, what became, a not quite straight forward chain."

J. Wilson

Residential Lettings

"I have let my property through Rural Property Services and more recently through YoungsRPS for 12 years and I have been more than happy with the service I have received as a landlord.

For most of those 12 years I dealt with the same person and built up a good relationship with her during that time.I felt entirely confident that issues would be dealt with competently, which indeed they were, and when I rang to ask for jobs to be undertaken by local contractors these were carried out to my satisfaction.

One of the aspects of the management service I have particularly appreciated which I have not experienced from other agents is the quarterly accounts.These have included all payments in and out each month and the end of the year statement was always complete and accurate, so I could transfer figures directly to my tax return instead of searching for invoices and receipts as I have had to do in other cases. It has taken a lot of the pain out of that annual task.

I have dealt with other agencies in different parts of the country but none has provided the professionalism mixed with the personal touch that has characterised YoungRPS.My connection with them has ended as I have sold my property but from my experience I would highly recommend them as an agent to anyone wanting to let a rural property in Northumberland."


Agricultural Sales

“We looked at three firms in total for the 4,500 acre Alcan farms sale, YoungsRPS , a national agent and an international firm, ” he explains. “We already had a good relationship with YoungsRPS going back 40 odd years, they knew the property well and had always provided us with a good service. However we still had a set of selection criteria we needed to meet. One of our main concerns was their ability to get the word out to international buyers

Satisfied by their marketing strategy we gave them the opportunity and were not disappointed. The service we received was excellent. We were kept well informed throughout and the knowledge of the YoungsRPS team proved invaluable in smoothing the way and producing helpful suggestions to assist the lawyers when tackling the inevitable hitches which occur during this type of negotiation. With a successful sale now concluded to a blue chip investor, our faith in them was definitely justified.”

J. Storr

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