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With fully qualified RICS, AMC and CAAV valuers in all of our offices, we regularly provide specialist valuations for:

Property Sales

Are you considering selling a house or cottages, a farm or land, a commercial property or development land? For a free market appraisal done by one of our professional valuers - give us a call.

Secured Lending

We use our comprehensive and specialist knowledge to provide independent advice on a property's suitability for loan security for a wide range of residential, agricultural and commercial properties.

Compulsory Purchase

When it comes to compulsory purchase a deal has to be done but the art is getting the best possible result. Knowing the region well and with an established understanding of the underlying legislation our valuers are able to provide expert knowledge and comparables to present and negotiate the best possible outcome.

Probate and Tax

No one likes paying tax but it's a necessary evil. Property valuations play a vital role in probate and Capital Gains Tax (CGT) cases. We have a number of RICS Valuers approved under the Valuer Registration Scheme (VRS) for security, probate and tax planning purposes.


The breakdown of a marriage is an unfortunate and unpleasant part of our work and we play a very necessary part in helping to find settlements by providing fair valuations that enable the legal profession to resolve disputes.


Stock Taking and Insurance

Annual valuations of livestock and growing crops for income tax purposes and asset valuations for accounting, business restructuring, insurance and other purposes are bread and butter work where we understand your duties as a taxpayer.

Live and Dead Stock

With farming assets commanding high values, care and attention are required to ensure all items are maximised. We have the specialist knowledge through Valuers experienced in all manners of livestock from pedigree cattle to hefted hill sheep and machinery from the yard scraper to the combine. Recognised within the industry and approved by DEFRA.

Expert Witness

Integrity and independence are key skills for an expert witness and these are integral to the running of our entire business. While everyone hopes for a settlement before reaching court, years of experience and professional knowledge mean our surveyors know how to report to the Court and how to stand up to the rigours of cross examination should the need arise.

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