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Sustainable Farming Incentive news March 2022

The RPA have confirmed that they plan to launch the Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI) in June. They have now confirmed the final standards for 2022 and the payment rates, as well as the application process.

Here, Helen Proud, Associate, Chartered Rural Surveyor, takes a look at what the latest updates mean for you.

The SFI is the RPA’s answer to the funding gap left by the phasing out of BPS, but it is also hoped that it will support farmers to become more sustainable and to increase long term food productivity.

The standards available for 2022 are:

  • Arable and horticultural soils standard
    • Introductory level paying £22 per hectare
    • Intermediate level paying £40 per hectare
  • Improved grassland soils standard
    • Introductory level paying £28 per hectare
    • Intermediate level paying £58 per hectare
  • Moorland standard
    • Introductory level only, paying £10.30 per hectare plus additional £265 per agreement
  • There is an additional payment of £6.15 per hectare for common land with its own agreement.

There will also be funding available under Annual Health and Welfare Review which provides funding for a vet visit to assess overall herd/ flock health, this will open later in the year.

Application will open to all who are eligible for BS, although this will be rolled out further in future years. The application process won’t close and so farmers are able to apply when it makes sense to them, with the application being made via the Rural Payments Service.

Land under a Countryside Stewardship scheme is eligible for SFI, as long as the options are compatible and there is no double funding. It is recommended that farmers still consider applying for a CSS Mid-Tier agreement this year.

To download a copy of our SFI Standards* publication, click here.

For more details on SFI Standars or any of the grants and funding schemes, please contact your local YoungsRPS office.

*Correct at time of publishing