We are specialists in the promotion of strategic land, guiding landowners (with potential development sites) through the planning system from inception up to sale.

We have many hundreds of potential house plots (in the form of strategic sites) currently in the planning system.

We will work on behalf of landowners to promote sites with housebuilders and developers for development allocation, including Green Belt land, by way of comprehensive representations to emerging Local Plans and Green Belt reviews.

When a local plan is failing to meet its development requirements (for example under-delivery of 5-year land supply requirements to meet local needs), National Planning Policy provides a mechanism for unallocated land to be considered for development when the benefits of a proposed development are weighed against any potential adverse harm.

We know how to engage with the appropriate professionals in preparing planning applications to highlight the social and economic benefits of development and assessing the potential environmental impact of a proposal to ensure any perceived adverse harm can be appropriately mitigated.

For landowners, careful consideration should be given when identifying the most appropriate route to take when promoting land for development. There are Option Agreements, Promotion Agreements and the choice to self-finance the planning process.

Each route has different benefits, and each carries a very different risk and reward profile. We can advise landowners as to which tailored route best suits their individual circumstances.

In addition to our own land agency, we have an extensive contact base of developers and promoters and have achieved great success in securing for our landowning clients bespoke option and promotion agreements and assisting those who can self-finance the promotion of development sites through the planning system by assembling the optimum team of consultants.