Our departure from the European Union has provided an opportunity for grants and subsidies to be reviewed and tailored to meet National priorities. youngsRPS have a team of specialist advisors who are at the forefront of the changes taking place across both the English and Scottish systems.


Our team will guide you through opportunities available during the Agricultural Transition Period prior to Environmental Land Management (ELM) agreements being available nationally from 2024.

Our team is experienced in working with land managers, farmers and foresters, assessing their Natural Capital and conducting Environmental audits to aid decision making and ensure that Environmental agreements work for all parties.

Biodiversity Net Gain, as set out in The Environment Bill, is likely to require green field developers to offset and increase the biodiversity lost by the proposed development. Offset or Receptor sites are likely to become commonplace once The Environment Bill becomes law. youngsRPS has an experienced team who can procure offset sites for Biodiversity Net Gain.


Our team is keeping a sharp eye on Scottish Government announcements and stakeholder consultations so that we can keep our clients updated with the latest on agricultural grants and subsidies. The current BPS & LFASS payments have been guaranteed till 2024 – the question remains, will Scottish Government follow the example of England and go down a purely environmental route or will they develop a bespoke agricultural support policy?