Formal valuation opinion arises under many different situations where a definitive opinion of value is needed.

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To help us guide your valuation requirement, we have summarised below the range of reports we can provide and their principle formats:

Market AppraisalValuation ReportExpert Witness Report
Produced byEstate Agent or Chartered Surveyor
  • Chartered Surveyor
  • RICS Registered Valuer
Chartered Surveyor
FormatNo prescribed format
  • The RICS Valuation Standards
  • ‘Red Book Valuation’
Civil Procedure Rules
  • No minimum content or prescribed format
  • Basic comment on market conditions and guide price recommendations
  • Mandatory RICS content prescribed by the RICS Red Book
  • Full or short options available
  • RICS Practice Statement (Surveyors acting as Expert Witnesses)
  • Includes structured opinion on evidence and approach
Addressed toThe property ownerThe Client (instructing party)The Court
Definition of valueNoneRICS Valuation Standards or Statutory definitionRICS Valuation Standards
Professional LiabilityNone providedFullFull
CostNone by agreementHourly Rate or Fixed FeeHourly Rate or Fixed Fee
  • No formal instruction required
  • Simple and quick to produce
  • Low, or no cost
  • Detailed written instructions agreed prior to commencement
  • Independence of valuer must be confirmed
  • Report provided to stringent RICS prescribed standards
  • Undertaken by an experienced RICS-registered valuer
  • A recognised reporting standard for Statutory and Regulatory purposes
  • Expert must confirm instructions
  • Expert provides opinion evidence on matters within their expertise
  • An Experts overall duty is to the court
  • Expert must confirm their independence and have total transparency as to their approach