Home About Blog Rural News: Unsure about SFI? youngsRPS SFI Drop-in Sessions now available Monday to Friday.

We've heard your feedback and understand that flexibility is key. With more sessions now available every weekday, you have even more opportunities to pop in, ask questions, and get personalized advice on navigating the SFI. Whether you're a morning person or prefer an afternoon chat, we're here for you!

In an era where sustainability is at the forefront of agricultural practices, local farmers are finding a valuable ally in youngsRPS, a company dedicated to supporting rural communities. Through a series of drop-in advice sessions, we has been instrumental in helping farmers navigate the complexities of the new Sustainable Farming Incentive (SFI).

The Sustainable Farming Incentive, launched to encourage environmentally friendly and sustainable agricultural practices, has presented a steep learning curve for many farmers. youngsRPS recognized the need for clear and accessible guidance and took proactive steps to bridge the knowledge gap. Their drop-in advice sessions have become a beacon of support for many local farmers looking to embrace and benefit from the SFI.

One of the key aspects of our approach is the emphasis on tailored advice. Recognizing that each farm is unique, our rural experts work closely with farmers to understand their specific circumstances and goals and areas to profit in. This personalized approach ensures that farmers receive advice that is not only relevant but also actionable, maximizing the positive impact of the SFI on their operations.

The drop-in sessions have proven to be a hit among the local farming community. Farmers appreciate the convenience of being able to seek advice without the need for formal appointments. This accessibility has empowered even those with busy schedules to actively engage with the SFI and integrate sustainable practices into their farming operations.

Moreover, youngsRPS has played a pivotal role in simplifying the bureaucratic aspects of the SFI. Navigating government incentives can be adaunting task, but youngsRPS has been there to demystify the process, helping farmers complete paperwork and meet deadlines with ease. Many of the people we have welcomed to our sessions already have agreements in place, with some almost equalling that of previous BPS levels.

To learn more about the SFI Drop-In sessions or to speak with our rural advisors regarding grants and funding opportunities contact 01434 609000.